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Definition: Slogan

Slogans are groups of words, short and recallable, used in promotional campaigns. The aim of a marketing slogan, or advertising slogan, is to quickly draw attention of a perceiver towards a brand and emphasize on one distinct feature, functional or emotional, related to a brand or a product. Some slogans are created with the purpose of short-term marketing campaigns. Others are used as corporate slogans and used on a long term basis.

Examples of some popular slogans are as follows:

Slogans used by Indian political parties during the 2014 elections campaigns:


“Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”


“Har Haath Shakti, Har Haath Tarakki”

Slogans used by some famous brands across years:

Coca Cola

Open Happiness


The Ultimate Driving Machine


Nothing official about it

Mercedes Benz

The best of nothing

American Express

Don’t leave home without it


The power of dreams


Beauty Outside. Beast Inside.

Corporate Slogans:


Don’t be evil


High Performance. Guaranteed.



Hence, this concludes the definition of Slogan along with its overview.

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