Status Symbol

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Definition: Status Symbol

Vanity plays a highly important role in shaping a consumer’s buying behaviour. There are several products and product categories which attract consumers purely out of their hedonic functions. One of such hedonic purposes is expression of one’s social and economic superiority over others.

The products, brands or product categories that cater to this purpose of expression are called status symbols.

Status symbol products and services are generally all those which are very expensive, niche and limited in availability.

Some examples of such brands and product categories are as follows:

High Fashion

Versace, Armani, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vitton

Personal Vehicles

Rolls Royce, Audi

Paintings and Antiques

Works of famous painters like Van Gogh, Picasso


Rolex, Rado, Tag Heuer


Apple Products


Diamond and Platinum Jewelery

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