Brand Loyalty Management

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Definition: Brand Loyalty Management

Brand Loyalty Management deals with the objective of retaining and increasing the brand loyalty of consumers for a particular brand of product or service. Brand Loyalty Management is the sum of all marketing, promotional and distribution activities aimed at delivering a brand’s promise to its frequent buyers and ensuring brand loyal customers.

Brand loyalty occurs when a consumers buys one particular brand consistently out of a given set of available product choices. The modern day definition is less strict than this. Today, it is assumed that due to large number of available options, a loyal customer builds their own set of preferred brands for each product category and picks one or more of those products when go for shopping. Therefore, companies try to retain a space in that repertoire of a consumer and that is achieved by brand loyalty management.

Brand Loyalty Management aims at creating customer loyalty by ensuring customers are satisfied using their products and services. Not only should the customer be happy with a particular product or service, but he or she should be so satisfied that they become advocates for the brand. Brand loyalty management are exercises, programs and incentives given by companies to customers to keep customers engaged with their brand, even when they are not using the product of service.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Loyalty Management along with its overview.

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