End User

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Definition: End User

End user is the person who uses the product. The product many be purchased by others who don’t use and products may be transferred from company to end users through different member in the channel. These intermediaries are not end users. They can be called as customers.

In legal terms, it is person who does not resell the product but uses it for himself/herself. End user is subjected to end user license agreement where he/she agrees on not reselling the product.

End users decide the sales of the products especially when the industry is following pull strategies. Many companies have end user support which involves a 24*7 customer support for the end uses. Eg Airtel support.

Generally segmentation is done for end users. The profile of the customers like age, income level, geographic areas, behavioral patterns, psychographic aspects everything is analyzed and the marketing strategy is devised based on these information. Consumer research is based on end users only. Surveys, interviews and focus group interactions are made using these end users. Consumer insights are made by observing these end users.

The term is widely used in marketing and IT. In IT, it is used for the software users.


Hence, this concludes the definition of End User along with its overview.


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