Media Advisory

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Definition: Media Advisory

Media Advisory is a document which is used to invite reporters to cover an event like press conference, campaign or rally. It is generally short and polite. The company generally tries to make the event sound interesting and newsworthy and make it easy for reporters to quickly figure out the details. Sometimes some pictures and videos are shared with the news reporters to make them be more interested in the event.

One can use a media advisory to let people know about a formal event, like a news conference, or some casual event like some facts regarding a campaign activists.

As part of publicity program, a media kit, distribution schedule of media advisories to different press and press releases is developed. A publicity campaign should include both media advisories and press releases.

Generally media advisory is confused with press release.


Media Advisory

Press Release


Invitation to press ; may not be open to public

Event where information about something is released.


Shorter than 2 pages

2 pages


To select people

Generally to many people involved.


Invitations sent twice before the event

Sent when relevant

Hence, this concludes the definition of Media Advisory along with its overview.

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