Motivation Research

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Definition: Motivation Research

Motivation Research is the analysis of wishes, desires, needs, drivers etc. It tries to understand the why of consumer behavior. The consumer does not know the “WHY” of purchases. The consumers are not willing to tell about their purchase. Consumers put forward illogical reasons for their purchase.

It tries to thoroughly understand the often unspoken motives and beliefs held by customers and prospects in regard to a brand or product category. This is generally done by beginning it with motivational research exploration with qualitative research in a personal one-on-one interviewing and when appropriate use photos and videos along with diary reports and in-depth interviews to understand underlying motives.


Motivational research may also explore a new product category or brand which is seen by a company as an opportunity during which the market research information may be useful in understanding the details more which will give in-depth understanding about the market. The research also includes exploration about competitive product category and brands where it is useful to discover the tangential activities and behaviors that is around the target product or service.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Motivation Research along with its overview.


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