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Definition: Household

All person living in the same dwelling and also sharing at meals and living space is considered to be a single household. The members of a household may belong to a particular family or any other grouping of people like friends living together and even a single person living in a flat.

A single dwelling ceases to become a single household when people living in that dwelling are not sharing living space or meals. Suppose in a joint family, sub families are not going along and they have divided their living space as they want to have more privacy then in that case, sub families are not supposed to enter one another’s living space.

Thus each sub family has now their own requirements and needs of a typical household that they would like to fulfil, and in order to do this they will be consuming their household products and will not be sharing it with other families. Thus despite of being in a single house these families are acting as many single households, due to which there would not be just one household but as many as sub families are there in that house.

Household is the basic metric of analysis in many settings like, census, ration distribution, government research and other macroeconomic and government models. Thus it is very important unit of analysis in the field of inheritance and economics.

There are many types of grouping that can be included in Household model: Single rooms, families, different form of blended families, share housing, boarding houses etc.


An Apartment is a single dwelling but not a single household, since people in that apartment are not sharing each other's kitchen or flat (living space). So, if that apartment has 20 flats, it would be considered to have 20 households.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Household along with its overview.

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