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Definition: Jingle

A jingle is a short musical tune which is used for advertising and other commercial purposes. Jingles can also be used in non-advertising context to simply construct or maintain a brand image. Jingle could either be designed to describe about a product or a service or to help consumers remember some information about a product. There is no limit to what information advertisers can cover in a jingle. It can be a slogan, product information, phone no., story, benefits of a product etc. The simple rule is that it has to be catchy.

A jingle is an easier way of getting a brand name embedded in a potential customer's mind. Jingles are a form of sound branding. It can do wonders for a business like it can save a dying brand, increase awareness of the product, introduce a new product, re-launch a faded product etc.

In order to have maximum effect, a jingle should be easy to remember, short, it should have more repetition and rhymes.

Origin: First jingle was born in 1926 in Minneapolis when a cappella group called the Wheaties Quartet sang a song for General Mills breakfast cereal. General Mills Executives were actually going to shut down production due to a huge loss in business. But due to this jingle, their product’s popularity spiked in the regions where the jingle was aired. So instead of closing the company they decided to air the jingle nationally and in due time the sales skyrocketed.


“I'm lovin' it" by McDonalds

“Ting-ting-tiding”by Britannia

“Buland Bharat ki BulandTasveer- Hamara Bajaj” by Bajaj Scooters

“Thandamatlab Coca-Cola”- By Coke

Hence, this concludes the definition of Jingle along with its overview.


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