Audience Composition

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Definition: Audience Composition

Audience Composition is the breakup of audience, users or customers in terms of their age gender. Audience composition shows the age and gender demographics of the audience for a particular business or advertising medium. This breakup of the audience based on their composition is useful in evaluation and monitoring marketing & advertising effectiveness.

Importance of Audience Composition

Every business focuses on reaching out to its main target audience as per the target market. However, despite all efforts using an accurate targeting strategy, many times different sets of people get targeted against the perceived target. Audience composition helps in understanding the target market based on their age group and male or female gender group. These insights help companies improve their positioning and have a much more stream-lined targeting strategy. Constant evaluation and monitoring will help revise the audience profile and make targeting more effective.

Example of Audience Composition

Example of audience composition can be understood based on the following. For a particular website, if total number of visitors is 20,000. The audience composition for the website will be something like:

• 16,000 are female and 4,000 are male

• 75% of people are aged between 25-45 and 10% are aged between 45-50 and 15% are aged between 18-25

Some inferences can be drawn here like the site attracts female viewership that are in child bearing age. Advertisements targeting such audience can then be placed for these websites.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Audience Composition along with its overview.


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