Blind Ad

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Definition: Blind Ad

The advertisement which does not reveal the identity of the person or company posting the ad is referred to as blind ad.

Why blind ads are used?

• When a company wants to eliminate a key employee but does not want the employees to know about the decision

• When the company wants to terminate an employee but only when they are able to find a good replacement

• When there is large number of people looking for a particular job, which means there will be large number of applicants and the company wants to avoid being contacted by the applicants and also want to avoid any follow-ups

• When the company wants to know the pool of candidates available in market for a particular role

• When the seller is an agent and does not want to reveal this information. For example, in real estate sector, the broker might not want to reveal the information that whether the seller is a broker or an owner and might want to resort to blind ads. However, in some states including US, it is banned to place blind ads for real estate. Only licensed brokers are allowed to place ads, so if it is a blind ad one cannot make out the difference between a licensed broker and a non licensed one.

What information is provided in blind ads?

Job description is provided in case of advertisement of employment. In case of products/service ad, the product/service description is provided. In order to facilitate communication, usually a telephone number or a post box number is used.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Blind Ad along with its overview.


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