Affinity Group

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Definition: Affinity Group

An affinity group is a group of individuals who work collectively, support each other etc based on certain hobbies, interests, objectives which they share. Affinity groups work along with each for a common purpose to achieve a certain goal together. 

Affinity groups may share common ideology (e.g., feminism), a common concern for an issue (e.g., environment protection) or a common activity, role, interest or skill (e.g., reading science fiction).

Affinity groups can be backed by governments or can be private groups. Some examples of affinity groups can be photography clubs, NGOs, literary membership clubs etc

Some groups may have a flat organizational structure, in which every member has an equal position to the other and there is no hierarchy. The organization is thus, flexible and decentralized. However, for the purposes of ensuring long-term interests of the group or to increase its bargaining power, a hierarchy often becomes necessary. 

Hence, this concludes the definition of Affinity Group along with its overview.

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