Celebrity Endorsement

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Definition: Celebrity Endorsement

The use of celebrities by advertisers as spokespeople for their brands. This is done due to the perception that messages conveyed by attractive or well-known sources can achieve higher retention and recall.

The use of celebrities to endorse a product will be particularly effective when his/her personality matches a key product attribute. The most important aspect is the spokesperson’s credibility. The three most important features of credibility are expertise, trustworthiness and likability.

Expertise is the specialized knowledge the communicator possesses to back his/her claim.

Trustworthiness is a measure of how impartial, unbiased and honest the source is perceived to be. People who are known to you (e.g., friends and relatives) are perceived to be more trustworthy than strangers.

Likability describes the attractiveness of the source and include qualities such as good personal grooming, a sense of humour and naturalness.

A highly credible source would score high on all the above three dimensions.

Some well-known examples of celebrity endorsements are- Lionel Messi endorsing Adidas, Amitabh Bachchan endorsing Cadbury’s chocolates, Aishwarya Rai promoting L’Oreal, Aamir Khan endorsing Coca-Cola, Sachin Tendulkar promoting Boost, Roger Federer endorsing Rolex, and so on.

Celebrity Aishwarya rai endorsing the brand L'Oréal

Sometimes, brands use the popularity of the star to tide over crisis situations, e.g., when the pesticide crisis hit in India, soft drink giants like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, the latter used the considerable fan base of its brand ambassador Aamir Khan to reassure customers of its safety standards. Similar was the case of Cadbury’s and Amitabh Bachchan.

A state of congruity exists when customers have the same attitude (positive or negative) towards a source and a message. But when a consumer sees a likable celebrity praising a brand he/she dislikes, attitude change will take place in the direction of increasing the amount of compatibility between the two evaluations.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Celebrity Endorsement along with its overview.


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