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Definition: Co-Marketing

Co-marketing could mean commensal, collaborative or co-creative marketing.

Commensal (symbiotic) marketing is a marketing on which both parties (company and a company, a company and a consumer, country and a country, human and nature) can live.

The framework applicable is the 7Cs Compass Model by Koichi Shimizu.

7Cs Compass Model:

• (C1)Corporation – The core of 7Cs Compass Model is corporation

The Four Cs of this customer-focused marketing mix are - Commodity, Cost, Channel and Communication. The key- difference from the 4Ps approach is that here, the focus is on the demand/customer side rather than the supply side. The mapping between the two approaches is as shown:

-Product → Commodity

-Price → Cost

-Place → Channel

-Promotion → Communication

• (C2)Commodity

• (C3)Cost

• (C4)Channel

• (C5)Communication

• (C6)Consumer

• (C7)Circumstances

Collaborate marketing is a cooperation between two companies with separate distribution channels, usually with profit-sharing.

Cross-marketing describes the practice where two companies exchange marketing channels for mutual benefit.


• "Intel Inside" on PCs

Co-marketing describes the practice where two individual entities companies combine at the product development stage itself, i.e., they create and jointly develop a new product, service or brand (and normally jointly promote it).

Example: Omega and the James Bond franchise


Hence, this concludes the definition of Co-Marketing along with its overview.

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