Attitudinal Data

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Definition: Attitudinal Data

Attitudinal Data is the information collected from customers showing their attitude or perception towards a brand, company or its products. Attitudinal Data is the data that reflects the significance that a customer holds for certain elements about a particular product or service. Attitudinal data is a qualitative measure of customer attitudes.

Importance of Attitudinal Data

Attitudinal data is collected through attitudinal surveys & questionnaires and is designed to understand what a consumer wants & to know what does a consumer feels about something. The data is combined with more objective data such as demographic data to get a clear picture of the attitude, likes & dislikes of the consumer. The attitudinal data is usually compared against key indicators for customer satisfaction and overall customer experience related to the product or service. Attitudinal data gives great consumer insights if properly combined with other objective data. This is data is compiled as a part of the attitudinal research which the company does for improving its products & services.

Advantages of Attitudinal Data

Benefits of attitudinal data in marketing are as follows:

1. Attitudinal data helps a company to understand a consumer in more depth & provides the required insights to customize the product benefits, communication strategy & messages for each of the target audience.

2. Attitudinal data will help you to know what does a consumer think about a company or product or the service provided.

3. It gives an understanding on where company's can improve their product or communication based on customer requirements.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Attitudinal Data along with its overview.


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