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Definition: Call Out

Call outs are small bits of text used to call attention to something and is separate from the main text, often with a line connecting it to the feature being highlighted. For example- a Briefnote or instruction added to a drawing or text for the purpose of drawing attention to a particular section of the document.

These call outs are phrases or sentences used to attract attention to elements in a layout , photo, or drawing. Placed outside the margin of the layout, photo, or drawing, a callout is used to emphasize on the various elements depicted.

The basic idea is to interrupt a person’s flow of viewing the email/visual for a split second. They can in an instant determine if they are interested and thus take an action. If they aren’t interested, they can easily continue with their normal routine of viewing. When we consider email design, the call-out is important because it provides the marketer and the designer with a means to capture the initial attention of the customer before he starts the normal habit of viewing the email.

The call-out option can be used to promote a new service or product. For example-



At the top right corner of this email Gander Mountain focuses attention to their offer of Free Shipping. All Day.Every Day. It’s an exclusive offer. It’s an important offer. Using this as a call-out is a great way to push people and make them feel it is an exclusive and important offer.

We can also use a call-out to highlight a profitable product or service. If there is an existing product that has been around for a while, it can be highlighted and attention of the customer can be attracted towards the product.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Call Out along with its overview.

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