Hard Sell

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Definition: Hard Sell

In marketing and advertising, a hard sell refers to a marketing plan or an advertisement which is overt, forceful and direct.

A hard sell is often accompanied by aggressive language designed to push the consumer into immediate or short term purchase of the product. In other words, hard selling creates a sense of urgency in which the consumer purchases goods or services immediately rather than evaluate other options in the same product or service category and potentially wait for a better offer. This approach is opposed to the soft sell, where the advertising message is far more subtle and friendly giving the user more time to make a rational purchase. Whether a hard sell or a soft sell strategy should be used in advertising depends on the type and availability of the product.

“Act Now”, “Limited Time Only”, “Last Chance” and “One Time Only” are some commonly used phrases employed in hard selling. A typical Hard sell advertisement will rely on repetition as a form of persuasion

For example, a hard sell of a car would stress on the limited availability or rush for the buying of a car. It might also say that this is the “last chance” to own that particular model as it will be phased out of the market.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Hard Sell along with its overview.

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