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Definition: Campaign

Campaigns are series of activities which are done to gain a particular result, which can even deal with solving social issues. Campaigning is done mostly to bring about a change in the audience behaviour.

It covers a border range of activities in compare to ad campaigns for a product and service. The activities are as follows includes:

1. Advertising

In order to promote the product or services the advertising campaign is prepared in a communicative manner.

2. Sales Campaign

In order to achieve desired objectives, sales strategy needs to be implemented in full scale for the particular geography. This implementation is covered in Sales campaign.

3. Public Relations Campaign

It helps in continuous media coverage and to be in positive light with the people the company does business with.

4. Customer Service and Satisfaction Campaign

In order to understand what the customer wants and also to build future advertising plans to meet the requirements of the customers in a better way.

Types of campaign:

Campaigns can be classified in several ways, including:

Type of target: for example, Swachh Bharat campaign; government employees and younger generation

Geographic scope: for example: Whole India

Tactics: for example, involving state government employees, surprise visits by PM

Desired outcome: for example; policy implementation; behavioral change, Maintain cleanliness

Theme or issue: for example, public health, Clean India

Campaigning methods can vary on the required change that is needed:

Insider campaigning refers to collaborative planning based on shared goals, where both parties mutually compromise. More reliable on political environment rather than public opinions, follows a systematic approach and gets direct access to decision makers.

Outsider campaigning refers to pressure of the public in order to put forward there viewpoints. It’s mainly on pushing an important agenda based on public opinion and emotional arguments without much political support. More creative and focused on changing methods having indirect access to decision makers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Campaign along with its overview.


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