Double Loop Marketing

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Definition: Double Loop Marketing

The online consultant Christian Sarkar is the mastermind behind this term. Double loop marketing is an online marketing strategy. This emerging marketing strategy requires a firm to first develop “mind share” by creating a company sponsored website that will give the customers, genuine information & advice related to the firm’s products & services. This forms the first loop of the company’s interaction with the customer where they are able to create awareness & their image in the mind of the consumer. Once the firm’s site achieves enough credibility among the group of visitors, the company can go for the second loop of consumer interaction & try to convert the already achieved mind share to the wallet share.

If properly followed the double loop marketing strategy can yield very good results. The leads generated can be times more than those generated through conventional marketing methods.

For example, Hubspot which sells inbound marketing products must have impressed you from their rich content on the site and also convinced you by their authoritative content on inbound marketing. This would have tempted you to buy their products as well.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Double Loop Marketing along with its overview.

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