European Article Numbering (EAN) Code

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Definition: European Article Numbering (EAN) Code

The European article numbering code is a 13 digit bar coding standard. It has been recently renamed to International article number.

This is the worldwide standardized 13- digit code which is put on various products, packages , shipping containers or parts. EAN code is compatible & a superset of the 12-digit Universal Product code.

The digits of barcode are grouped as following:

The left group & the right group.

The left group has Digits 2-7 & also digit 1, through odd & even parity scheme.

The right group has digits 8-13


This EAN-13 barcode system is followed worldwide for encoding products at point of sale. The EAN-13 numbers are used to identify the product & are known as Japanese Article Number(JAN)in Japan.

The following is an example of this barcode system. The first digit is placed outside the symbol and a

“>” indicates a quiet zone which is necessary for their proper working.


Hence, this concludes the definition of European Article Numbering (EAN) Code along with its overview.

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