Drop-Dead Day

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Definition: Drop-Dead Day

Final Date without any exception, a deadline. For example: The last day of a quarter before quarterly sales results is the drop-dead day for many salespersons because after that the sales would be complied and reported.

Time critical projects, such as construction contracts, where if the deadline is not met, penalties have to be paid.

A provision added to a legal or trade act, in trade and contract law such as a contract or a court order. Automatically consequences will follow, such as taking property, contract cancellation or judgment past the set date. It is a firm deadline which a person cannot miss, often it is the last date of the quarter or financial year. Adverse consequences will automatically trigger if the finite deadline is not met.

Managing the drop dead day:

1. Distinguish real deadlines from the fake ones, by establishing real sense of urgency.

2. Tight deadlines are stressful, thus try to be a role model, avoid conflicts and work harder.

3. be supportive and positive, in dealing with the team and be optimistic.

4. Delegate work and define timelines, make people accountable for those timelines by managing the team.

5. Set milestones and availability of each and every member.

6. Make all the member focus more on work and avoid distractions.

7. be available for the team and be responsive.

8. Maintain quality of work and do not accept anything below standards, even during pressure times.

9. be open to constant change by being flexible.

10. Be a leader, by becoming more engage in everything.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Drop-Dead Day along with its overview.

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