Trade Missions

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Definition: Trade Missions

Trade Mission is a coordinated oversees trip particularly by a delegation of government officials or a group of business executives for the purpose of exploring business opportunities internationally. Trade missions occur after the delegation including the chamber of commerce, industry or trade association have done an extensive market research in order to seek out potential buyers and sellers.

Trade Missions has the following objectives-

• In order to obtain sales and contracts as the direct outcome of the mission objectives

• It helps to find personal contacts for future follow-up

• Support future business development by signing partnerships and cooperative agreements

• Up-to-date market information and research

• Assess overseas infrastructure, opportunities, culture and potential demand

• Initiating new vendor relationships with the host country

• Learning about the culture, customs, business and operating environments in order to better serve the target countries


Secretarial India Infrastructure Business Development Mission Statement, March 25-30, 2012

Mission Description

John Bryson, U.S. Secretary of Commerce will lead a senior-level U.S. business development delegation to three cities in India namely Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur and from March 25-30, 2012. The main focus of the mission is to promote U.S. exports to India and to discuss trade policy issues with respect to India’s goal of investing $1 trillion in infrastructure development during the next five years. The mission will engage companies from the following sectors: engineering services (including architecture and design), transportation (including road/highways, rail, and airports), project management and energy (including distribution, transmission and smart grid).


Hence, this concludes the definition of Trade Missions along with its overview.

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