Chain Store Sales

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Definition: Chain Store Sales

Chain store sales is an index that refers to information on the monthly (/weekly) sales volume from the chain stores. The chain store sales index indicates the percentage change in sales as compared to the previous week and the same week previous year.

Chain store sales index is timely and closely tracks changes in consumer spending. Since its high volatility can limit its impact, more often than not monthly sales comparison is a better indicator. This index is closely followed by marketers to identify the trends in the market and gauge the overall propensity to consume in the economy. The importance of chain store sales increases during the festive season (which witnesses the highest level of sales in any given year). Since chain stores account for a significant fraction of retail sales, the index is a good indicator of overall retail sales, consumption patterns and consumer spending.

Chain store: A group of retail outlets with centralized planning (including procurement, promotion etc.) and standardized business practices is termed as a chain store. Examples of chain stores include stores likeBig Bazaar, Walmart, Body Shop, Godrej’s Nature basket, Sapphire Toys etc.


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