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Definition: Commercial

Commercials in business are a form of marketing communication which helps in encouraging and manipulating the viewers, readers or listeners to prefer a product or service. The desired result is aimed at driving consumer behavior with respect to the commercial offering.

Paid classified messages can be in newspapers, magazines, billboards, with paid announcements over radio and television to sell a product or service.

Main types of commercials:

- Radio advertisement are paid announcements over the radio to sell a product

- Television advertisement are paid announcements over the television to sell a product, item or service.

All commercials are advertisements, but not all advertisements are commercials. Commercial advertisers who want to increase the consumption of their products or services through product branding, which associate a product name with certain qualities in the minds of consumers, usually make use of commercials.



These bigheaded creatures appear animated, but Zoozoos are actually real people dressed in white outfits. Vodafone Zoozoo’s were launched in the IPL which became hugely popular. There were 25 zoozoo commercials released each day till the end of IPL season and the making of Zoozoo Ads were popular through email forwards.

Another popular and innovative commercial was Camlin’s whose permanent marker ads were very thoughtful and hilarious showing a woman’s husband coming to life since the woman’s bindi could not be removed from her forehead which was made by Camlin permanent red market.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Commercial along with its overview.

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