Content Analysis

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Definition: Content Analysis

Content analysis is a method for summarizing the contents in any form using various content aspects. This can help in proper objective evaluation rather than using impressions of the listener to compare content. For example, an impressionistic summary of a TV program cannot be called as a content analysis. Nor can a book review; it’s an evaluation. In Content analysis, Usually the analysis is done for written words yet it is a quantitative method with results as numbers and percentages. Example- 10% sales in oral-care industry are contributed by floss in 2001 as compared to 7% in 1999.

Content can be:

Print media

Newspaper items, magazine articles, books, catalogues

Other writings

Web pages, advertisements, billboards, posters, graffiti

Broadcast media

Radio programs, news items, TV programs

Other recordings

Photos, drawings, videos, films, music

Live situations

Speeches, interviews, plays, concerts


Gestures, rooms, products in shops


The main reason for doing content analysis is to try and establish links between causes (e.g. program content) and effect (e.g. audience size). For a web content analysis, there is a ‘hands-on’ document which analyses the text elements on the website and suggests improvements like improving the readability of the text on websites, making the website more search engine friendly etc. The cost depends on the size of the website and the number of hours needed for the analysis.

Taking the example of a media organization, one of the main purposes of content analysis is to evaluate and improve its programming. All media organizations are trying to achieve some purpose. But when we talk about commercial media, the main purpose is to make money and survive. For public and community-owned media, there are usually several purposes, sometimes conflicting - but each individual program usually tends to have one main purpose.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Content Analysis along with its overview.

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