Gross Audience

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Definition: Gross Audience

The term ‘Gross audience’ refers to the total number of individuals or households in a viewing, listening or reading audience without regarding the possible duplication of counting an individual or a household. Gross audience is a term used in advertising and marketing, and is a measure to understand the impact on the total target population.

Gross audience tell us about the cumulative number of people, households or units engaged in an activity. Gross audience also covers duplicated audience from the overall target audience. In marketing, target market is an important concept, where companies focuses their efforts of a group of customers.

Example of Gross Audience

For example, in the television watching audience population, a person may be watching two different shows at the same time, the person is counted twice for that particular broadcast schedule. Gross audience may be expressed in terms of percentage. This is also known as ‘homes per rating point’ or ‘gross rating points’. If gross audience is expressed in terms of number of individuals or number of households, it is commonly termed as ‘gross impression’.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Gross Audience along with its overview.

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