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Definition: Media

The term ‘Media’ refers to all the communication tools that are used to store and transmit data or information. Media forms that are specifically used for the latter purpose are called communication media. These include television broadcast, newspaper, radio, advertising, publishing etc.

Communication media can be generally classified into two types: Print Media and Electronic Media. Out of these two, electronic media has far wider reach and impact. Television and Internet have penetrated into the everyday life of a vast majority of population. Social Media can also be classified under the category of electronic media. Social Media has generated a lot of traction in the recent years and has come out as the fastest and most effective mode of communication.

Print Media broadly includes newspapers and books. The advantage that print media communication holds over electronic media communication is that it gives its reader a higher retention time for acquiring an information. Electronic media takes advantage of its ability to communicate a message more frequently in a given period of time. Any integrated marketing campaign consists of an optiomal mix of both kinds of media in it.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Media along with its overview.


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