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Definition: Respondent

A respondent is a person who is called to give a response to a question asked by another. The term is used for market research where the respondent replies for the questionnaire made by the firm.

Why do People Participate as Respondents in a Survey?

Exchange : This can be viewed as a social exchange. They get reward for the responses. For this purpose to be successful, the costs must be minimized and rewards maximized.

Cognitive Dissonance : A respondent feels that he/she is being a helpful person. That means if they fail to respond then they will get a state of dissonance. The process begins with questionnaire and they are invited to participate.

Self-Perception: Self-perception theory states that people find reasons for their behavior by analyzing their attitudes.

Commitment and Involvement :Commitment and involvement is the allegiance a person feels for the society they belong to.


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