Sales Platform

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Definition: Sales Platform

It is the main selling proposition upon which an entire sales campaign is built. It is the channel that is used for selling the product.

There are many ways to sell a product to customers: One can sell through ecommerce websites, phone, a store, catalogues and using sales agents. Using multiple sales platforms or channels can increase opportunities for additional sales as well as increase the brand equity. There are three main platforms for selling. They are

Direct selling

Direct selling is selling the products to the customer directly and is a method used for high-value, complex products. It gives a chance to understand more about the customers’ wants and build a relationship with them, which will help in generating repeat business. But, it's an expensive sales channel to maintain as it increases the cost of the staff.

Telesales and online sales

This method is used for hard-to-reach customers or to set up repeat orders from loyal customers. These channels are suited to products that the customer may already be familiar with, such as books and DVDs. Costs are lower than direct selling, but demonstration of product or service is not possible and it can be harder to build relationships.


Using a sales agent you can access experienced staff who have all the necessary contacts and skills. This will reduce upfront investment while increasing sales and reach hard-to-reach markets.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Platform along with its overview.

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