Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

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Definition: Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

FCC is an independent body of the US. Its primary work is to regulate the interstate communications made over mediums like radio, television, telephone, wire, satellite and cable. Its duty is to work towards six goals in the areas of broadband, competition, spectrum, media, public safety and homeland security. As per the law, its mission is to provide as far as possible, without any discrimination of region, sex, color, breed, income etc. with considerable facilities at affordable rates in all states of US.


FCC is also responsible for curbing and regulating the marketing telephone calls. It has the right to punish who break the law when it comes to unwanted telephone marketing calls. As FCC is responsible for all kinds of communications sent across media, all ATL marketing communication also comes under its purview. It has the right to stop a communication and penalize the person/company responsible for it.


FCC is headed by 5 commissioners nominated by the US president. They also have to be approved by the US senate. One of the 5 commissioners acts as the chairman of the commission. Not more than 3 commissioners can be from the same political party and none should have any interest in any businesses under the purview of FCC.


FCC is divided under 7 bureaus and 11 staff offices. The 7 bureaus are – 1) Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau 2) Enforcement Bureau 3) International Bureau 4) Media Bureau 5) Wireless Telecommunications Bureau 6) Wireline Competition Bureau and 7) Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.


The 11 staff offices, which provide support services to the Bureaus are – 1) Office of administrative law judges 2) Office of Communications Business Opportunities 3) Office of Engineering and Technology 4) Office of General Counsel 5) Office of the Inspector General 6) Office of legislative affairs 7) Office of managing director 8) Office of media relations 9) Office of the secretary 10) Office of strategic planning and policy analysis and 11) office of workplace diversity.

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