Junk Fax

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Definition: Junk Fax

Junk fax is a form of telemarketing in which unsolicited faxes are sent as a form of advertising. It is similar to spam mail or cold calling. Junk faxes are usually used for advertising of high cost products and/or advertises containing heavy content. It is not considered a very effective way of B2C advertising but is fairly successful for B2B purposes.


There are laws in countries like US to save one against and penalize for junk faxing. The FCC looks after the complaints made on junk faxing and that may take necessary action. To register a complaint with FCC against junk faxing, one needs to sure of the following otherwise the complaint can be rejected:-


• That the sender did not have permission to send the fax (i.e. unsolicited)

• That the complainant did not have a prior business relationship with the sender

• That the fax was for a good or service

• Any telephone number or addresses included in the fax

• Your name, address, and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day

• The telephone number through which you received the fax advertisement

• A copy of the fax advertisement, if possible, or confirmation that you have retained a copy of the fax


Hence, this concludes the definition of Junk Fax along with its overview.


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