Nonprofit Marketing

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Definition: Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofits today are facing greater challenge than ever. More and more number of organizations today are fighting in the same crowded space for donations, volunteers etc. For this reason, nonprofits must find way to be able to differentiate them. A nonprofit which doesn’t have a clear cut strategy in place for differentiation will find it tough to get attention in today’s world. This is the reason that Nonprofits are looking at good marketing campaigns to gain competitive advantage just like the normal organizations do.

A marketing campaign employed by a nonprofit organization to spread its message, solicit donations or call for volunteers. Marketing campaign for a nonprofit can involve making f logos, slogans and copy as well as to launch a media campaign to expose the organization to the outside world. A nonprofit organization should design its marketing campaign just like a normal organization would. Determine the target audience for the message, design the message which is to be sent to the audience and what outcome do you want out of the marketing campaign. Hence, they also have to design 4Ps of marketing mix like any marketing campaign. Nonprofit marketing is also used for campaigns of normal organizations which are designed for a not-profit activity of the company.

Nonprofit marketing campaigns are heavier on sentiments than normal campaigns and lesser on necessity, functionality or use.

Non-profit marketing usually involves:

• Creation of logos

• Creation of slogans

• Development of a media campaign


The approach to this form of marketing is same as that of for-profit marketing:

• Identifying the target market for the cause

• Setting up goals, formulating strategies and developing objectives of the marketing campaign

• Developing materials (the tools and tactics) for promotion of the cause to the target market

• Following the 4-Ps of marketing: product, place, price and promotion

• Updating the strategies and objectives as time passes


Some ways to make non-profit marketing more effective:

• Increasing the leverage with partnerships. This can considerably increase the number of donations at minimal costs. The most frequently used forms of partnership are celebrity partnerships & respected local and national institutions (like the sports team) partnerships.

• Online marketing should be employed along with offline marketing as it would cater to the younger and future supporters. So, it is important to setup an e-mail newsletter and listing a website. This helps in keeping the supporters up-to-date by sending text-messages.

• Using social media as a tool for promotion has become the need of the day. Social media presence (like Facebook, Twitter and Blog) can prove to be powerful channels to distribute and promote the cause.

• Tracking the results of online marketing is crucial to know the most effective and the most influential supporters. Thus, the ROI from social media can be calculated and the marketing plans can be updated accordingly.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Nonprofit Marketing along with its overview.

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