Service Bureau

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Definition: Service Bureau

Service bureau is any business organization that provides services for a fee. The primary services being offered by service bureaus are financial and technological services like accounting, copying, data keying, payroll processing, etc.


Banks are the most common and well-known examples of service bureaus. The main customers of service bureaus are companies which don’t have the capacity to carry out the services provided by such bureaus internally and prefer to outsource them for both economic and operational efficiency reasons. Such services are a major chunk of revenues generally for service bureaus.


In the print industry, service bureaus refer to firms using image setters to get high resolution printouts of images prepared on micro-computers.


Recent years have seen advent of service bureaus offering marketing as services. These bureaus interact with the client firm, understand their desires, devise a marketing strategy for them and execute them. As marketing has become an integral part of business today, firms which are weak in marketing hire the services of such firms to stay in the game.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Service Bureau along with its overview.

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