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Definition: Tagline

Tagline, also known as a slogan, is a short text which serves to present clarity on a communication. Taglines are also ending lines that are used in plays or movies to make a point. They are the reiterated phases that become associated with a product due to its continuous usage in any communication regarding the product.

Some taglines over the years have become so popular that they are included in the popular culture. Taglines serve the purpose of brand recollect on hearing or seeing the tagline anywhere. Like if you hear “Just do it”, you instantly recollect Nike or when one says or reads “Connecting people”, you immediately recall Nokia.


The success of a tagline campaign depends on the phrase and the usage of it. Some very simple rules one can use to create a successful tagline are –

a) Keep it simple – don’t use difficult words in your tagline

b) Indicate the benefit – don’t make your tagline generic, it should speak of the benefits of your product/offering

c) Tell a story – to connect with the customer instantly, your tagline should tell a story about either your product or your customer

d) Explain your offering

e) Communicate with clarity

f) Keep it short and simple

g) Say just enough and

h) Be scenario driven.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Tagline along with its overview.


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