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Definition: Personalization

Personalization involves accommodating for the differences in the individuals using technology. It is the process of tailoring a website’s contents to the user’s preferences and interests so that user can use easily and can efficiently benefit from it.

It is basically achieved through tracking the behaviour of the user as well as the segment in which user is present. So it is basically the process of customization of a service for a particular individual based on his behaviour and preferences.

Personalization are of three categories:

1. Profit/ group based- In this type of personalization, user’s profile, segment is used. It is very broad way of personalization and might not be very useful for every user in a particular segment.

2. Behaviour based- It customizes the user’s platform based on the behaviour of the user. Data about behaviour can be obtained from direct interaction or tracking of the user’s behaviour on the platform.

3. Collaborative- In this method both of the factors, segment or profile and behaviour are taken into account.

3 Types of personalization:

1. Implicit – based on the criteria mentioned above.

2. Explicit- Based on the features of the website which user can use to personalize the platform.

3. Hybrid- Based on both explicit and Implicit types.



Netflix a films and TV hosting website uses collaborative personalization to recommend films and TV series to its users. It is based on the behaviour as well as the features of the websites that user can use to tweak and personalize the site.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Personalization along with its overview.

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