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Definition: Dissemination

It is derived from the Latin root which means, the scattering of seeds.

It is basically the broadcasting or dissemination of an information or message on a large scale to make it available to a large audience. Seeds in the roots are metaphors for voice or information; the scattering of information.

Unlike traditional communication which involves a sender sending the information and a receiver receiving the information, Dissemination is based on only half of the traditional model of communication.

In dissemination, a message is broadcasted without direct feedback, that is, in this model of communication a message is sent and received but no reply is given.

The message carrier disseminates the information to a large no of individuals in the broadcasting system not just to one individual.

Example of dissemination can be seen in advertising, public announcement, speeches etc.


When HUL is advertising about its newly launched AXE Signature on TV, they are just trying to make the people aware of their new product or what it is. They are communicating just one way to the audience and are not receiving any information from the people or their reply regarding the ad in the TV ad.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Dissemination along with its overview.

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