Advocacy Advertising

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Definition: Advocacy Advertising

Advocacy advertising is a way of generating sales by promoting an opinion. It’s an advertisement to address political, social, economic issues. These advertisements attempt to influence public opinion on the ongoing issues such as education, women empowerment, rural development, consumer rights, blood donation etc.

Many non-profit organizations and for profit organizations indulge in this kind of advertising to advance their agendas and help their business to grow.

For example: Public health advocacy Institute in Australia ran several advertisements to create awareness and secure public and political support for tobacco control legislation and policy and program support

Companies can showcase their advocacy advertising on billboards, magazines, newspapers, social media etc. Like any other advertising, advocacy advertising is designed to capture the mind share of consumers. It tries to motivate consumers to taken a stand on an issue they felt neutral about initially, or may be to persuade them to change positions.

Target of advocacy advertising could either be generic or specific in nature like political activists, media, government agencies, consumers or competitors.


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