Article Video Marketing

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Definition: Article Video Marketing

Article video marketing is an innovative type of internet marketing in which corporates convert their already existing articles into short videos. These articles can be on any topic. These videos are then uploaded to various video sharing websites such as YouTube for wide distribution and exposure.

For example: Article video robot is an online service available for converting articles into videos. This site can automatically convert an article to a video in less than a minute. Also, it automatically uploads the video to several video sharing websites. One even has the option to record live audio or upload an audio or use an automated voice.


Articles are a cheap, easy and fast way of advertising but it has a problem of duplicate content. Article directories and search engines don’t allow duplicate content. However there is no problem of duplicate content with videos. Also it serves as an extended medium for corporates to convey their message to a wider audience. Videos are more user friendly as it reduce the time required to read the articles


Hence, this concludes the definition of Article Video Marketing along with its overview.


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