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Definition: Pupilometrics

Pupilometrics is a study of relationship between a viewer's pupil dilation/contraction and the interest in object being viewed.

The object acts as a stimuli and viewers interest in the object causes his pupils to either dilate or contract. If the object is attractive and appealing then pupils of eye will dilate (grow larger) and it will contract if the object is unappealing in nature.

This fact is also incorporated in marketing to increase sales and customer satisfaction. A smart and experienced salesperson can watch for pupil dilation as a customer looks over merchandize/object.

For example, Customers have a tendency to not buy a highly prices product even if they like it. Salesperson can judge the interest of the customers from their pupil and then influence their decision to go ahead with the purchase. But there is also a chance of misreading a cue since other factors like drugs, physical attraction to someone also causes pupils to dilate.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Pupilometrics along with its overview.


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