Persuasion Process

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Definition: Persuasion Process

It is the process used by advertisers to influence viewers or their attitudes, purchase intent and product perception by appealing to reason or emotion.

Below are the steps involved in a persuasion process:

First step is to gain attention of the customer. Unless customers pay attention, it’s not easy to convey a message to them or persuade them. They should also be able to decode the message so as to understand it and take a stand. Various what-if scenarios can be developed to test and reduce the resistance. If the request is more believable and reasonable, then customers won’t resist it. The next step is customer’s ability to retain the message so as to act upon it. Interesting messages have a higher retention rate as compared to non-interesting ones. Sometimes the change in behavior is temporary and changes again due to another exposure or experience.

For example: A Promotional offer persuades customer to buy an item.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Persuasion Process along with its overview.

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