Habit Buying Definition, Importance, Example & Overview

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Definition: Habit Buying

Habit buying refers to the repeat purchase of a particular brand. Habit buying is not completely because of brand loyalty but due to lack of dissatisfaction or you don’t have any negative feeling towards the product or brand. Habit buying usually happens for low involvement products.

Importance of Habit Buying

Habit buying by customers is usually for products of regular need. Such products are mostly known as low involvement products. Low involvement means that user do not search too much or get involved while purchasing the product. The user doesn’t evaluate all the brands while purchasing for a particular product & keep on buying the same brand again & again. A great amount of marketing & advertising is needed to change consumer buying behaviour.

Habit buying is developed over a long period of time and is driven by high customer loyalty. This behaviour is also referred as habitual buying. Companies put in a lot of efforts in ensuring that customer needs are fulfilled. Companies invest a lot of money into advertising, marketing, positioning etc to ensure habit formation is developed in the target audience.

Habit Buying

Example of Habit Buying

For example: For low involvement product such as toothpaste consumers keep on buying the toothpaste that they use without giving much of a thought as they don’t feel dissatisfied from the brand that they are purchasing.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Habit Buying along with its overview.

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