Marketing Research Process

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What is Marketing Research Process?

Separate stages of data interpretation followed by an organization in order to collect marketing information.

Steps include are: 1.Defining and identify the need of the problem, 2. Develop an approach to solve the problem by identifying the need, 3. Designing the research framework 4. Data collection by field work 5. Analysis of the data 6. Making a report out of the analysis.

The research starts with identifying the reason or problem. For understanding decision making process relevant initial information’s are collected. After discussing with decision makers problems are defined. For the research to be conducted in an efficient manner problem must be defined precisely.

After the initial stage, it is important to decide who will do the research. After discussing with organization experts, problem solving framework and analytical models needs to be created. After exploring the specific needs and exploring the case studies a specific methodology is adopted. One-to-one interviews, telephone survey, secondary research, web or email survey or combination of specific approaches can be used. Following steps are included in the blueprint:

Quantitative information is collected

Need of this information is determined

Determination of measuring and scaling procedures

Sample questionnaire design

Case study and sampling process design

Information analysis planning

Interviewing the personals helps in collecting information’s which falls in field work. Then the data is edited, corrected and validated.

In order to modelling or modifying the business strategies, predicting and correlating customer needs is necessary in an efficient manner.

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