Attack Marketing

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Definition: Attack Marketing

Attack marketing is when firms that occupy second, third and lower ranks in the industry (called trailing firms) attack the leader and other competitors in an aggressive bid for further market share and behave as Market Challengers.

A market challenger first has to define its strategic objective, which can be:

• Attack the market leader

• Attack the firms its own size who are not doing the job and are underfinanced

• Attack small local and regional firms.

Once the objective is chosen, a general attack strategy has to be chosen. The different type of attack marketing strategies are:

• Frontal attack – attacker matches the opponents product

• Flank attack – fill the gaps which the leader has left

• Encirclement attack – capture a wide slice of territory by launching a grand offensive on several fronts

• By pass attack – bypassing the enemy all together to attack easier markets

• Guerrilla attack – small and intermittent attacks


Jyoti laboratories started as a small player in fabric care market and pioneered the liquid fabric whitener under the brand name Ujala. The leading brand then was Robin blue and was available only in powder form. The tagline of the brand advertisement was “have you changed over to Ujala?”. Here Jyoti laboratories followed attack marketing and successfully challenged and over threw the market leader at that point – Robin Blue.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Attack Marketing along with its overview.


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