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Definition: Tweens

Tweens is the term used to refer to children between the age group of 8-12: those kids who are not teens yet, but those who don’t consider themselves as kids either.

This segment was carved out with growing technology, giving a chance for the children in that age group to find out more about their growth process and also express opinions. The marketers have identified this group as a separate target segment with specific needs catering to which can benefit the firm in a future time.

Tweens are considered to be great household influencers even if they don’t have the buying power. Marketing to such a target group is called tween marketing.


Marketing to tweens can be that the toy makers now mark the age group of toys to be till 10 years instead of till 14 years to separate the segment as niche and target them separately. Another example can be marketing of the chocolate Kinder Joy, or Dream Cream biscuits. These advertisements directly target the tween age group.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Tweens along with its overview.


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