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Definition: Planogramming

Planogramming is a method of display of products and merchandise in a store such that the shelf space is utilized optimally. Often, planograms are drawings that give detailed description and placement of product in a manner that will capture the user’s eye most effectively.

For modern trade, supermarkets and hypermarkets, planograms are especially useful as they also give details not just about product placements but also in which shelf and which aisle the product should be located. The benefits of a planogram most often include:

o Optimal product placement

o Improved sales

o Better inventory management and control and less stock outs

o Appealing to the customer in terms of convenience of product location and easy observation

As competition in product category increases tools like point of sale displays and planograms become increasingly important, not just for retailers, but for firms manufacturing those products as well. Planogram, thus, mainly helps by highlighting the features and benefits of goods and services.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Planogramming along with its overview.


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