List Broker

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Definition: List Broker

The Listing broker is a person who has a categorized list of people residing in a geographical area and sells it for use in direct marketing campaigns. A List Broker's provides services like list research, list counts, recommendations etc.

A list broker sells the list to list buyers who wish to conduct direct marketing campaigns. The list generally contains a prospect's name, contact information and some additional demographic information such as age, gender etc.

A List broker facilitates the process of bringing buyer and seller together. He researches and recommends lists to the list buyer and then evaluates the performance of each list afterwards. A listing broker may either work exclusively on a list restricted to a certain geographical area or he might also have several compiled lists of the specific target audience like housewives, working professionals etc.

A list broker can have different types of lists mentioned below:

• House list: List of houses in a geographical area

• Response list: List of people who generally respond to a mailer and chances of conversion is high for these people

• Compiled consumer list: List of people already using the product

• Compiled business list: List of companies from several industries

Some list brokers even provide an option to rent the list instead of buying.

Hence, this concludes the definition of List Broker along with its overview.


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