Sales Pitch

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Definition: Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is a presentation of a product or a service to the customers to make them aware of the product benefits and close the purchase deal. It is remarks or demonstrations which are vigorously delivered to persuade a consumer to make a purchase.

A sales pitch could either be an introduction of a new product or service or an added feature to a product. In order to make a good sales pitch one should know about customers and their need beforehand. Sales pitch should be such that it captivates buyer’s attention. And to do so, one should be prepared with relevant buyer information, and should try to include the buyer in the discussion.

Tips for a good sales pitch:

• Know your buyer well and highlight your product’s features that matter to them the most

• Focus on the solution to a problem which buyer is facing

• Listen to the buyers well and respond with thoughtful follow up questions.

• Ask for a referral only if you have a good relationship with the buyer


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