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Definition: Pilot

In broadcast terminology, it is a sample radio or TV broadcast that is aimed to introduce networks or potential sponsors to an entire new series. The pilot aims to get the advertiser acquainted with a particular format, quality and talent of the production, so that they can easily make their sponsorship decision. However, the creation of pilots is an expensive affair for the producer. Much time has to be invested in writing the script, talent hiring and in shooting the ad.

Also, it becomes a risky proposition because returns are not guaranteed unless the pilot is sponsored by an advertiser. Outdoor advertising refers to the optimal way that an advertisement should be planned. Graphics are used to demonstrate to the advertiser the different effects that the ad will have on the consumer. A pilot survey is a market research study carried out on a trial basis to gauge the potential of a wider and more comprehensive survey on the subject.

A pilot study may be used to study customer segmentation and to study the attitudes and motivations of these segments. For example, a market researcher may conduct a pilot study on a sample of 500 teenagers to gauge their attitudes about a certain type of jeans. If the results point towards a majority of the respondents looking favourably at the brand, follow-up studies may be conducted on a larger sample size to determine other factors, such as jeans usage.


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