Low Ball Technique

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Definition: Low Ball Technique

Low ball technique refers to a common unscrupulous persuasion and selling tactic where in the salesperson quotes a lower price, and then claims he made a mistake with the price quote which is actually higher. It’s all about balance between making the initial request attractive and favourable for the customers and making the second request seem less ridiculous to the customer.

The lower price quote allows the salesperson to gain a customer’s attention. The salesperson then leverages this to convince the customers of other benefits related to the product to persuade them to make the purchase. Once customers seem to have made up their mind, they would most probably go ahead with the purchase even if the price quote is changed.

It is basically a two-step compliance strategy. Even when the requester steps up the ante, people who have agreed to the first request will often continue to comply. Such a strategy is employed when the the higher price would generally seem unacceptable and would not find any takers. The term "low ball" is derived from soccer where ball played low does not seem dangerous and is readily accepted but then the attacker raises the ball that could actually lead to a goal.


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