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Definition: Promo

A promo is more or less like a teaser used in broadcast media to promote a program to be aired on television, a show to be hosted on a radio station or a movie to be released soon. It’s very commonly used in commercial advertising and a promo could also refer to a teaser ad- a precursor to the actual advertisement for a product/service. In simple words, a promo is a piece of publicity- especially in the form of a short film or video but not limited to these options. The entire idea is to increase consumer awareness- inform them of the concept- to drive interest.

By Indian standards, TV and radio show promos are mostly limited to 30-60 second video or audio clips capturing interesting moments, events or segments from the show to be promoted. The movie trailers can also be considered as promos. For example, the promo for the movie Krrish focused on the action scenes and showcased the movie’s CGI effects (considered the USP of the movie.) Aamir Khan’s debut on the small screen i.e. Satyameva Jayate was widely publicized before its actual launch- getting audiences interested in Aamir Khan as well as the subject matter.


Promo is sometimes also used as shorthand for promotional offer. A promo code often refers to a promotional offer code to be applied as a coupon to redeem the offer.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Promo along with its overview.

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