Lead Generation

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Definition: Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process of gathering and compiling details of all contacts who are or may be interested in the product or service offerings of the company who can be contacted for purpose of generating sales orders.

Leads are generally created for purposes such as list acquisition, e-news letter list acquisition or sales lead. Lead generation is the process of creating a sales lead which might translate into sales for company.

Lead generation is the first step in a typical sales order process. 

Lead Generation leads to an opportunity. Opportunity is the probability of actually getting an order. Then after opportunity, process moves to order or a quote. Quote is when customer asks more details about the offering in terms of price and quantity. Hence Lead generation is very important especially in case of B2B sales process.

Leads may come from various sources such as internet, through phone calls, advertisements, trade shows, referrals, and telemarketers. Among the online channels, direct traffic, search engines and web referrals contributed to 93% of online channel lead generation.


In order to create a successful sales lead a website might consider including the following – contact number, post forms on every page, adding photos and testimonials for greater credibility, videos should speak to the user, using trust seals like ISO 9001:2000 certified or Green India building certifications

Hence, this concludes the definition of Lead Generation along with its overview.


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